Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Curves are back (are they really …?)

Yet another article on curvy ladies being back in fashion in the Sunday Times. I’d say, “Hurray, at last!”, but I have heard it all before. Yet the catwalk is still swarming with stick insect-like wafer thin girls (who never smile…no wonder, they look malnourished and must be devoid of energy). The thing with thin bodies is that almost anything suits them, and most designers’ creations seem to be produced with stick men, or rather women, in mind.

But that is not the real world. I don’t consider people like Victoria Beckham, who might fit into those creations, the real world. Most of us have curves and they should be celebrated. And although it is the news from time to time that curvy models are back, it doesn’t seem to materialise whenever you watch a fashion show.

This Style section article, by Eleanor Mills (on 24 Jan 10), talks a lot about the importance of good well-fitting underwear, especially the bra. Wrongly fitting bra can have big breasts heading towards the tummy, which will make you look two sizes bigger than you actually are. The problem with big bust is that women usually tend to try to “hide” it, either under a big loose jumper or hunching the shoulders over, which, again, can make one look very top heavy. Hiding a waste – what a crime! We all have one, be it different dimension, so show it! I you have got it, flaunt it – be it your bust, a waist or curvy hips. Curvy means feminine and that is what men prefer anyway.

Banish all those hang-ups about your shape. If somebody likes you for who you are (there is an inside of a person, too, rather than just the shape!), they will love everything about you. Nobody is perfect. And what is perfection anyway? It is rather a philosophical question and, thank goodness, we all like different things. It is all in the eye of the beholder, remember! The most important thing is that you are happy with yourself.

I will believe that curves are back in vogue when I see big designer names dressing some more curvy models on the catwalk, and people like Kate Moss will just have to put on a bit more weight to represent the real world…

If you would like any help with finding what type of clothes are right for your shape, get in touch.

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