Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What is Style?

Style is the way you dress, and the way you dress is the way you express yourself. I would always say that you dress for yourself, not for others – to make you feel good about yourself from within. Your style should reflect your personality and lifestyle, as well as flatter your body shape. And although all this sounds like common sense, there are few women who are able to combine all those three categories successfully.

Naturally, we have to dress accordingly for the occasion. You will wear something very different to the office, to a black tie do, around the house or a leisurely walk. However, there will always be certain “rules” that should be followed, i.e. the contours of the clothes, internal/external lines, fabric weight, textures, colours, cut, length of jackets or skirts, etc. They should always be the same for the same person, whether it’s a little black dress or an office suit or a track suit. Not forgetting the colour, of course, that plays a vital role in dressing, and which a lot of stylists dismiss (!!).

Everything we do starts with us, and the way we feel about ourselves on the inside will influence the outcome. If you feel good about yourself with a bit of a spring in your step, the meeting you are having with your boss will go better than if you walk into that meeting with lack of self-esteem and feeling glum. The dreaded phone call will go better if the feel-good factor will give you a smile on your face, because it can be felt on the receivers end …

Feeling good and being positive is contagious! It will affect people around you and you will also attract more positive people to you, resulting in different kind of friendships, even a partner. It’s a self-perpetuating process - good vibes will attract good vibes! Believe or not, learning more about yourself and what looks good on you will give you that feeling. Come and find out, it is for life!!

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